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The dedicated team at Every1 Center is comprised of compassionate and experienced professionals who are committed to helping individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction in the state of New York.

Joe is a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate(CRPA) in the state of New York. Passionate and motivated advocate for individuals seeking recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Committed to helping afflicted individuals and communities. Joe has worked as a recovery coach, outreach coordinator/community liason, program development, and as a program director. His experience is complemented by extensive work with behavioral health agencies, recovery community organizations, mutual aid support groups, task forces, volunteer projects, etc

Joe's background is diverse, having worked in a multitude of clinical settings ranging from residential care, outpatient treatment, detoxification, internal county services. Joe has led treatment teams, collaborated with local communities, advisory boards, and helped build 3 successful statewide substance use mobile/virtual outpatient programs. With almost a decade of experience, his highly evolved skill set allows him to navigate the most complex of behavioral health crisis situations.

Joe brings a dedication to our team, along with a passion for assisting specific concerns in people seeking to recover and their families. Joe believes that properly intervening can serve as a catalyst supporting and empowering both an individual and their loved ones to begin a process of healing. His polished intervention style was shaped by his background and training in client centered care, family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

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