What is an intervention?

A drug or alcohol intervention is a process by which the addict/alcoholic is encouraged to seek substance abuse treatment. It is directed professionally by a certified interventionist whose goal is to have the individual admit that he/she has a substance abuse problem and agree to receive help. It’s an educational process, usually conducted face-to-face, that involves family members of the addicted individual.

Through our experience at Every1 Center, we know that addicts/alcoholics are often in denial about their substance use and are initially unwilling to commit to an outpatient or inpatient treatment program. An intervention conducted the right way with the help of professionals can change this and save a person’s life. If you’re searching for addiction interventions in New York, then you’ve come to the right place.

Example of interventions in long island

A large part of an intervention plan focuses on providing information and educating the family about their loved one’s substance abuse. It is an opportunity for the family to come together, under the guidance of a certified addiction interventionist, and support an addicted loved one during this difficult time. It is not about releasing anger, frustration, or putting your loved one down. The point of the drug alcohol intervention is to have the addict/alcohol agree to attend a rehab program.

Setting up an intervention

We recommend consulting with an addiction specialist about the best course of action for your addicted loved one. This can involve setting up an intervention, detoxification (if necessary), inpatient rehab, and outpatient therapy. Here at Every1 Center, we can help you organize a successful intervention that will start the process of long-term recovery for your loved one. With our years of experience, we consider all the circumstances surrounding the addicts/alcoholics substance abuse, suggest the most effective approach, and provide guidance throughout the addiction treatment process. We also assist with tailoring a personalized follow-up plan to ensure your loved one is set-up with aftercare for continued support.

Interventions in New York

We understand that finding an interventionist in New York is not easy. It’s an important decision that should be researched thoroughly and discussed with addiction professionals. When conducted by a trained addiction specialist, an intervention followed by comprehensive substance abuse treatment is the most effective approach to recovery. However, an intervention may not be appropriate for all circumstances and we can assess the situation during a phone interview. Simply contact our recovery specialists for a no-cost consultation to find out what is the best course of action to take for you and your family.





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