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Many addicts that are in the recovery scene have heard of sober coaches before. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on an invaluable asset that can strength your sobriety and help you avoid a relapse. Imagine yourself going through drug rehab, trying your best to do everything correctly. However, you’re unsure of what your goals in recovery are. Once the drugs and alcohol leave your system, you’re a new person.

Who will you be? What do you want to do with your life as a recovering addict? A sober coach can help you answer these questions, plus much more. Our expertise lies in connecting you with experienced sober coaches for New York residents.

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Why Do I Need A Sober Coach?

You might be wondering why you need a sober coach if you have a sponsor (or are planning on getting one), or if you’re seeing an addiction therapist. The truth is that a sober coach fills a much-needed void between a sponsor and a therapist. A sober coach for New York residents can guide you through the ups and downs of recovery so you can accomplish your goals. Don’t you want to feel motivated and encouraged to continue staying clean? This might mean the difference between picking up or staying sober.

A sober coach offers a personalized level of support and assistance beyond what a therapist can give you during office hours. While you may have well-meaning family and friends, they are often inexperienced in the addiction recovery field and may be helping you become complacent instead of strengthening your recovery. For newly sober addicts and alcoholics across New York, or individuals receiving treatment, a sober coach is a safeguard against losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Sober Transportation / Recovery Coach

There are many instances in which a recovering addict or alcohol needs sober transportation. It could be to/from a drug treatment facility or when transportation plays a role in the recovery process. From rides to doctors appointments, twelve-step meetings, and therapists offices, there are many reasons to need sober transportation. At Every1 Center, we can provide safe and efficient sober transportation services to individuals across New York and out-of-state.

Recovery coaches and sober companions play a valuable role in helping addicts and alcoholics during vulnerable times. Travel can bring about temptation and cravings to use, therefore a recovery coach / sober companion can help soothe the transportation process. Our recovery coaches and sober companions are experienced in keeping the people under their care sober from beginning to end.

Contact Every1 Center

If you’re interested in a recovery coach, sober transportation, or a sober companion, don’t hesitate to contact us. With experienced recovery advocates standing by for your call, we have sober coaches for residents ready to help in any situation.





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